New Yorker Pt. 2: The Bronx

“Wake up!” Your eyes open instantaneously from your 10-minute nap. Your homeboy repeatedly shakes your body to wake you up. You tilt your head up and realize everyone is leaving. Your mind is still trying to process what’s happening. “It’s lunchtime bro.” Instead of the usual sigh, you explain to him that you’re just going to cut today and go home. “Alright bro. I’ll catch you later.”

You exit the school doors, still half asleep. It’s a nice day outside. The sun gleaming at the neighborhood, a few clouds passing by. Warm breeze. Good day to play ball later. As you’re walking, you just listen to the environment. The bus passing by and stopping to pick up or drop off passengers. Cab drivers roaming around like hyenas looking for someone to pick up. The slight vibrations and rumbles from the train underground. This all just feels like home. One thing that makes you feel extremely welcome, the Dominicans outside their buildings, slamming their dominoes onto the wooden table shouting “Capicua!”, along with some short-lasting laughter.

As you get to the gate of your building, you see the girl you’re secretly fucking behind your girl’s back. “Revenge is a penis best served limp”, is your motto, after all the infidelity caused by her. You say “Wassup” after she says Hi to you, along with a hug to let her know you’re still interested. She keeps walking, and you bust into your building. The super never manages to fix that door from the gate for some unknown reason. A mild heat wave rushes towards you after opening the elevator door wide open. You press 4, enjoying the short ride up, sighing that you’ve got a long day ahead of you. Your bookbag is causing mild aches on your back and shoulders. Some sleep will ease the aching.

You reach your floor, and before you open the elevator door, you hear low music blasting. As you open the door, the music becomes clearer. Classic Antony Santos playing from your neighbor’s apartment. You tap your waist to the rhythm of the music while taking out your keys, and head to your apartment door, 4A. You enter the key into the slit, turn it right, “Mom’s home” you think to yourself. You open the door just a bit, but you feel the nice cool air racing towards you…

It’s good to be home.