Pablo Escoba, Because He Swept His Country Like No Other.

After watching the only two seasons of “Narcos” available on Netlifx for the past three days, I took in a lot of information about the drug world. While this show fictionalized pieces of Pablo Escobar’s life to make it more dramatic for Netflix’s audience, it still didn’t deter me from having some understanding of this underground world.

The first season introduced me to Pablo Escobar and the life/business he runs in Colombia. He had Colombia right in its balls, a pair that haven’t dropped yet. Tons of coke going in and out of Colombia, but a shitload more of cash coming into Escobar’s territory. But with that same money, Escobar helped his community by creating jobs for the poor in his country, along with schools and parks. He took that to another level by running for Congress, in which he was elected, but then forced to resign right after. This mistake immediately cost him the consistency in his life with drugs, money, and his family.

If it’s one thing I know about the “Land of the Free” is that it can’t stand when it sees another person/country rising in power, to the point where it’s surpassing its own country. They wanted to capture Escobar, or kill him if needed, to end his drug business. Escobar had so much money, Earth itself wasn’t a big enough bank to store all the money. Why do you think America always tries to conquer all these foreign countries? It operates on a “conquer or be conquered” rule. We turn their countries into shit from war, then help rebuild it and force their citizens to run under our rule. Then you have organizations like ISIS that stem from that same rule.

Let’s get back to the drugs, which I know is the eye candy in this piece.

Escobar was smart with his business. He hid the coke in furniture, literally anywhere you can think of. He had connections for everything you’d need to get coke/money in and out of Colombia and into the US. The demand for this drug was crazy back in the 80s and 90s. He had his henchmen to bust a cap in your ass if Pablo (or his loyal henchmen) smelled betrayal or if you were interrupting his money flow. He already had the US on him, he didn’t need anymore people on him as well.

As I was watching Narcos and saw that the US tried to find and capture him non-stop, it bothered me. Pablo was just making money based off people’s high demand to feel good and have a good time. The fact that cocaine was illegal in the US, just made it much more of a problem to both the US and Colombia. War because you wanted to end Escobar’s life and business because

  1. He’s making more money than you and he’s not going to stop
  2. What he was doing was illegal and still is.

And more war caused by his revenge.

Pablo most likely killed because you pushed his buttons. If the US just brought down its ego just a bit and if cocaine were legal, I doubt he’d have all these killings in place. BUT, if cocaine were legal, Pablo would’ve been #1 on Forbes (in my opinion) for who knows how long, and Bill Gates would’ve been #2.

Why is Pablo Escobar the criminal for exporting cocaine to those that ask for it? He has a family to take care of and everything. I seriously don’t get it. Businesses nowadays try to find ways to make the most money, but when someone finds out how to do it their OWN way, it’s now a problem?

They don’t want to see you succeed.


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