Let’s go slow on this whole “Whack Les” thing

Today could very well be LSU head football coach Les Miles’ last game for the school he won a national championship for what seems like many years ago.

First off, I’d love to see him get another year. Partially for very selfish reasons, he’s got the nation’s top recruiting class queued up to hit the campus and partially out of loyalty. He’s always represented the school with class and he’s won a lot more than he’s lost for us. However, that’s a record that’s trending in the wrong direction. In 2011, he took the Tigers to the National Championship Game where we were smacked by our arch rival Alabama and the guy Les replaced. Since, we’ve gone 6–2, 5–3, 4–4 and presently, we’re sitting at 4–3 in the SEC. Definitely, the wrong direction.

However, it’s that whole good guy card that also makes me want to keep him around, for at least another year. While he’s always been a bit like that crazy Uncle, from eating grass to his press conferences like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRXP5Bf8KFs.

He’s always been loyal to his players, assistant coaches and always been a good guy. Don’t you think he’s a ball to have around at Christmas? Want to have Nick Saban over? No, I didn’t think so. But yes, you’d never know what that crazy Uncle Les would do next. Les has never dumped his bike with a coed on the back, never had a drunken melt down at a banquet, never been caught cheating at LSU (yes, phrased carefully).

And most importantly, he’s won, a lot. Won more than most coaches but hasn’t won enough to satisfy that LSU appetite.

We put up with Charlie McClendon for 18 years and one Southeastern Conference Championship, never had double digit wins, but lots of decent years. Charlie Mac redefined mediocrity and finally, we sent him on his way.

We were in the frying pan and in the fire we went. Jerry Stovall, Bill Arnsparger, Mike Archer, Curley Hallman and Gerry Dinardo, what a Murder’s Row that followed old Charlie. Several of those years, we reached up to mediocrity for a moment.

So, unless the Athletic Director has Jimbo Fisher, Gary Patterson or Art Briles a plane ticket for Baton Rouge, and a press conference scheduled, let’s go really slow with this. If you think replacing a coach is easy, maybe make a call to your counterparts at Tennessee, Michigan or USC.
This past week, we haven’t given Les one bit of class as the administration has let him swing out there, boosters have been sharing with reporters how they’re ready to ante up the dollars to buy him out. I do think $15 million would ease a lot of Les’s pain if he’s forced into the unemployment lane.
However, let’s give him a year before we send him down the road. He’s got a veteran line up coming in, unlike the Freshmen and Sophomores he had to put on the field this year.

There are more football openings this year than there has been in recent memory. There will be plenty of suitors going after the pick of the litter, whoever that is.

Why not hold off a bit, give him a chance to right his sinking offense and see what next year holds.