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Governments around the globe rely on data to make smart decisions around reopening the economy quickly and safely — far from easy decisions to make. What’s more, these decisions require constant reevaluation and re-calibration. In many cases, unfortunately, the data being used is unreliable.

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All about (big) data

We build software products that help companies do compelling things with data: make sense of airport codes and flight numbers, analyze terabytes of communication with clients, organize millions of product codes, and more. Most of us focus on data quality, master data management, and big data. Our data processing engines are powerful, flexible, and ready for large enterprises. Our applications scale seamlessly from traditional databases to the likes of Hadoop and Spark, and we’re happy to host regular Hadoop User Group meetups with big data experts.

Hundreds of happy clients

Ataccama is an established brand active in the USA, Canada, and Europe. We’re…

JoEllen Lukavec Koester

Communications Manager at Ataccama

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