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The close of 2018 marks 18 months since I started working in the “political tech” space: via a series of small volunteer projects, with Amplify (an app that Indivisible groups use to coordinate action) and currently as a designer at Hustle. Coming off my time at Quora, I was excited to take what I knew about consumer product development and apply it to the political space ahead of “the most important election of our lifetimes”.

In that time, I’ve learned that the political space has distinctive properties that make it hard to run a traditional “consumer tech playbook.” …

Last year I officiated the wedding of two good friends. It was an honor to be asked, and despite a fair amount of anxiety as the big day approached (I was more nervous than the couple), it was overall a deeply fun and rewarding experience. The best things I did to prepare were:

Attend weddings. This one is a bit out of your control, but try and watch ceremonies similar to the one you’ll perform. Be critical about what works and what doesn’t: length, structure, specific jokes, traditions, etc. …


Joel Lewenstein

Product Designer @ Airtable

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