The Vietnam Veterans of America Motto

High Ground Veterans Advocacy Fellowship: Training the Next Generation

In a very short period of time, High Ground Veterans Advocacy has become one of the most recognized names on Capitol Hill. How did High Ground Veterans Advocacy rise so rapidly? The answer is quite simple. The founders of the group are passionate, knowledgeable, and deeply committed to the cause of Veterans’ advocacy. If you believe our government has a responsibility to provide Veterans with world-class services for the injuries our Veterans suffer as a result of military service and want to be part of the process of ensuring these obligations are properly provided, then you should apply to be a High Ground Veterans Advocacy Fellow.

As someone who had the privilege and burden to command in combat, I believe it is now my life-long responsibility to advocate on behalf of my fellow Veterans. Since returning from combat in 2005, I have been very active in efforts to create educational and employment opportunities for Veterans. I believe my early efforts were on the front edge of the tidal wave of government programs and initiatives aimed at providing education and employment opportunities to Veterans. Over the years, I was always at the right place, at the right time to make a small difference. I have now observed our government undergo tremendous transformation in how it cares for our Veterans and I understand that much of this transformation has been driven by Veterans’ advocates like you and me. This is why it once again felt as though I was in the right place, at the right time when I came across the High Ground Veterans Advocacy Fellowship Application.

As a Veterans’ advocate, I intently watched as the Bush and Obama administrations created specialized approaches to provide support for and to help maximize the efforts to best serve our Nation’s Veterans. Toward the end of the Obama administration, I had a new idea. Instead of a solution custom made to fit an administration — one that would ultimately end with that administration — why not enact an enduring, historic, and truly transformational approach. At about this same time, I discovered High Ground Veterans Advocacy. Since becoming a High Ground Veterans Advocacy Fellow, my solution and I have become much improved. The original founders and the first group of fellows are each extraordinary people, who have deeply enriched my Veteran’s advocacy. The training, the guidance, the fellowship, and the networking are all top-notch. Through High Ground Veterans Advocacy, my legislative proposal and I are flourishing and I am sure that you too can find a similar experience.

Four months into my fellowship, we are now close to creating legislation for the National Veterans Council Act of 2017. This legislation will create four entities for the purposes of uniting the entire spectrum of Veterans affairs activities. These entities include the National Veterans Council, a President’s Advisory Board on Veterans Affairs, and directs the President to appoint a Veterans Services Adviser who would be supported by a robust Veterans Services Staff (Office of the American Hero). My legislation may not be passed into law, but I am sure it will be part of the conversation of how to ensure that the efforts of the current presidential administration create a more enduring process for the sake of offering the best for our Veterans. Regardless, if I make a small or extraordinary difference, I know that I am building skills, knowledge and relationships through High Ground Veterans Advocacy that will last a lifetime and I highly recommend you join in by completing your application today!