Video Games That Take Your Breath Away

Video games can be more enticing if you are not just a winner but a surviving protagonist in the game while there are lots of scary characters you need to deal with. Check out the following video games that will scare you.

Resident Evil 2 (Alligator). The scariest aspect of the old Resident Evil games is the horrid controls that’s not even a euphemism it really makes the games scary is all by Gary, The scary scene of all the Resident Evils however is definitely the one we come across the lake yeah like he’s shooting the water you don’t know why but then all of a sudden there’s a giant alligator snapping at you and you see is now where and you won’t admit why.

Thief Deadly Shadows (Shalebridge Cradle). ever wanted to visit a haunted house that was once both an orphanage handed a solemn at the same time. Me, neither but Garrett the main character of Thief have to do exactly that. There were ghost that creep up behind you and that on easy kill or run away from. Not only that the house itself as a memory and won’t let any visitors leave the place to alive. How’s he escaped maybe he never did.

Amnesia The Dark Descent (The morgue). Morgues are creepy old-fashioned malt without any refrigeration take the bodies fresh a doubly so not only that but add in the fact we need to drill into a corpses head to get a key item in order to proceed in the game and you’ve got a scene that will scare anyone but the extremely jaded. Also the anatomy you get from the corpses its blood, what do you do with this blood injected into yourself of course.

Alien Isolation (The locker isn’t Safe). Everyone knows that there are only two places safe in a hard game the post grain and conveniently human sized Locker. That’s it Joe sometimes has a cutscene we coincides a locker but that’s a different story. Alien isolation Texas trip intends on its head, you no longer invisible to enemies in the locker instead you have a split second to press the button to hold your breath were violently ripped out and eat like a skin burrito.

Outlast (Turning on the Generators). Outlast is in general a scary game is not many moments in the game the are not worthy of this list however out the first scary moment is the one that sets the mood and it’s set that mood incredibly well. You need to turn on the power generators that are located in a flooded pitch black basement was being stalked by a monstrous human that stalking you and you can only see it was looking through a camera the drains batteries faster than you can hold if full.

There are plenty of video games for you to choose to play for your advantage. Although the choice is yours whatever video games you want to play. You can play even right not video games that won’t scared if you want to. You can download for free (rock band 4) or visit the link for more choices from scary games to action video games and more.