Inside look at SUNY Oswego

Utilizing Twitter I took to the streets so to speak to talk to SUNY Oswego students about their campus:

Along with myself my JLM 319 classmates also gathered information and tidbits from around campus:

While talking with students the biggest factor I saw was that they enjoy their campus and how it helps to foster a learning environment. From loving a weekly trip to crossroads to the open network of communication on campus, students seemed to like involvement and staying active on campus.

From a personal standpoint I found this scavenger hunt to be very challenging. Gathering the quotes and pictures was slightly challenging because it covered such a wide variety of topics. The more challenging part was to instantly put them on Twitter. Not only was it hard to multitask but it was hard to fit good quotes within the 140 character restriction. It was nice to see how open students were willing to be about the campus and school and what they mean to them.