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So while researching the tech stack for a new open source application I plan to build, I came to the age old question…

Which database should I use?

Should I go the traditional SQL route with MySQL or the new favourite: PostgreSQL? Or should I eschew the familiarities of SQL and go with NoSQL and MongoDB?

It’s a tough question to answer, and there are times when one is better suited than the other.

But of late, I have been favouring MongoDB for pretty much everything. …

So this week Martin Fowler published an essay entitled MonolithFirst (no space — no idea why), wherein he discusses the idea that all new applications should be built as a single monolithic code base, instead of a set of micro services.

Now he makes some good points, and falls short of taking any corners here, which I think is correct. It’s very, very easy to encourage others to always go with one path no matter what.

But not all applications are equal!

So you — as the developer and creator of the app — decide how to build based on…

Joel Moss

Experienced family guy and software engineer. Breaking the tinterwebs one app at a time!

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