MicroServices vs MonolithFirst

So this week Martin Fowler published an essay entitled MonolithFirst (no space — no idea why), wherein he discusses the idea that all new applications should be built as a single monolithic code base, instead of a set of micro services.

Now he makes some good points, and falls short of taking any corners here, which I think is correct. It’s very, very easy to encourage others to always go with one path no matter what.

But not all applications are equal!

So you — as the developer and creator of the app — decide how to build based on what the app will be doing. Only you know what will be best for your application.

However, I will share my opinion. I think there is a slight danger in going head first into MicroServices, especially with a new application. There are a lot of unknowns as to where the codebase will go and what direction the product will take.

So my advice; KISS!

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