I’ve never had a goal
Jason Fried

I was talking to a close friend the other day.

He was sharing how is reorienting his life towards goals he aims to hit.

For instance, he pointed achieving a goal of buying a car last year, by working several jobs and he plans to knock down some goals this coming year.

I did add my thoughts to this goal-oriented life, by sharing I firmly believe it’s better to make progress than achieve a goal.

He went on saying other goals need to get done to get other goals started.

Let’s break this down, I said.


  1. Wait to get $35.
  2. Use that to buy shoes.
  3. Use the bought shoes for running.
  4. Make progress toward living a healthy life.

While waiting to get paid $35, why not borrow shoes from a friend.

Start running and make progress toward living a healthy life.

When the money comes buy the shoes, and achieve the goal.

Make sense?