2018: The Ordinary Extraordinary Year

Today, we are constantly surrounded by the extraordinary moments of others.

We spend hours consuming content, curating moments, editing photos, creating videos, posting articles…

…which are only a highlight of the ‘extra’ in our ordinary lives.

As we end 2017, there will be a surge of extraordinary content over the next 48 hours…

  • best moments of the year
  • reflections of the year
  • new year resolutions
  • food pics
  • travel pics
  • wedding pics
  • accomplishments and awards
  • ..and more
The fact is; 99% of the time we all live ordinary everyday lives.

One that consists of:

  • 6–8 hours of sleep
  • 6–8 hours of work
  • 3–4 meals
  • 3–4 bathroom breaks (including a good shower)
  • 1–2 hours of commuting
  • 1–2 hours for our hobbies (reading etc)
  • 1–2 friend meet ups
  • a few good conversations
  • an exercise session (on good days)

… and many of us have fallen out of love with our ordinary lives.

May 2018 be a year where we fall back in love with our everyday lives.

Loving the people around us; and spending quality time with them.

Loving the things we do with them; and the moments we create together.

Loving all the simplest things; that truly makes our ordinary lives extraordinary.