Growth Hacking

With social media being a new and growing trend, so is the traditional ways of marketing. Social media has allowed for so many new opportunities in the way we market products and also new business ventures as well. So many new products are formed today with social media and they aren’t even physical objects. Having a large social media following like an active Twitter following can net businesses a lot of attention and exposure through social media channels. Growth hacking has to do with exploring various strategies for marketing a product amongst multiple marketing channels. These methods help to produce massive growth for business by providing a constant flow of new and engaging customers. Its about constantly experimenting with various marketing strategies to find new customers. A big part that benefits growth hacking is being able to navigate social media and drive the consumer traffic toward one’s own products via social media channels. They are not exactly marketers, though they have a similar job, but the job of a growth hacker is to only achieve growth and exposure.

The two main aspects of growth hacking have to do with automation and iteration. One has to do with quickness of reaching the public while the other has to do with action being done by itself. These tools can be used to properly to allow for employees to achieve other tasks and also allow for consumer needs to be addressed with properly. If these tools aren’t used properly, then consumers will be flooded with inaccurate information and also loss of consumers due to nothing new and organic being produced. Growth hacking should be used in unison to social media trends to help garner growth and brand awareness. Certain social media trends shouldn’t be used though like when terror attacks are in the news. A good example when to use growth hacking would be with the latest United Airlines situation. A funny joke or post in relation to your brand can help attract new consumers and exposure for one’s brand. Growth hacking can be bad if someone posts too much and doesn’t add new organic content. This can be counter intuitive to what growth hacking is all about. Growth hacking can be very useful as long as they execute their strategies for their brand on the proper marketing channels.