State management is hard

State management is hard get right in complex React apps for most of us. State can include UI state like routes, form states, pagination, selected tabs, etc as well as the response from http calls, loading states, cached data etc.

Even at Facebook, they had difficulty in showing the correct notification count for chat messages.

The necessity to tame this increasing complexity gave rise to some interesting libraries and paradigms.

Some of the popular state-management libraries out there:

Redux might be the single most popular library used in tandem with React. It popularized the…

When one stands at the wrong side of a funeral procession your whole world view is staggered.

Money cannot be made, it gets transferred from one individual to another.

You have to make someone less-rich to make yourself rich-er.

All businesses abides by this principle.

Joel Raju

Human | Minimalist | Programmer | Wannabe Pianist

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