1928 Funnyback Silver Certificate

Collecting Small Size Silver Certificate Notes

One of the more affordable areas of Paper Money Collecting is the Silver Certificate One Dollar Notes. There are only four different ones to collect, so depending on which grade you collect, it is pretty easy. The Funnyback design was only featured on the 1928 and 1934 Series where as the Reverse that we are familiar with today includes 1935 and 1957.

A collector can also go after Star Notes and Rare Signature combinations. A star note is a replacement note which occurs when there’s an error in the printing process. This is reflected by a Star before the Serial Number of the Note. The only Rare signature combination is the 1928E with the Julian Morganthau signature. The letters next to the Series are called Suffix letters.

1928 Funnyback Reverse

Many collectors buy Certified Examples of Notes in higher grade that PCGS or PMG assign a Numeric Grade from Crisp Uncirculated 60-Gem Uncirculated 67 that also include comments. Different comments can include Paper Quality and other small issues that may be noteworthy about the Note in Question.

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