Mom’s intelligence saves the day!!

As I woke up early that morning, I couldn’t help noticing the birds whistling. And as the sun rays shone brightly through some openings on my bedroom window, it was clear that this was going to be a good day. A knock on my bedroom door compelled me to get out of my bed and walk swiftly to check whoever was knocking. And as I peeped through the peep-hole, I could clearly see a wide smile on my mom’s face as she held a breakfast on her hands. I quickly opened the door and ushered her into my room. This was quite a unique day indeed. It was the first time my mom had brought me breakfast in my bedroom. In fact, previously, she would call me to go have my breakfast.

As I sat to eat the breakfast, it was uniquely sweet. I took several spoons in quick succession trying to enjoy every moment. All along, my mum was seated on my bed watching me eat the breakfast.

” Did you notice anything unique about the breakfast?”

She asked with a smile plastered all over her face.

“Unbelievably sweet”,

I answered immediately. I however had to ask her why she had decided to bring me the breakfast as opposed to her usual way of calling me to the dining room.

She asked me to take a guess which I failed terribly. Instead of telling me, she asked me to find it out myself. With a challenge posed my way, I decided to work on discovering the exact reason that made her decide to be so sweet to me on this particular day. First, I went to check out whether dad had brought her something new that had put her in this jovial state. However, as I checked every corner of our house, it was clear that everything was as exactly as it was the previous day.

I gave up and decided to go watch my favorite movie; Ratatouille. This animation had always gotten me glued to the screen every day since I came home for the summer holiday. And yes, it had proven quite interesting with every scene becoming more and more unpredictable. In fact, I could argue that it was the best animation I had watched so far. And I was determined to watch it to the very last scene. As I sat down to watch this movie, numerous ideas kept running up and down my mind as I wondered what exactly had made my mom this happy on this particular day.

So many ideas kept crossing my mind and I realized that I could not concentrate. With so many thoughts, I decided to pause the movie and go to the kitchen to get something to drink. As I walked to the kitchen, I heard my mom call me from outside our house. I first decided to go check on her before heading over to the kitchen to have something to drink. When i got out, I saw something that got me excited than ever in my life. My mom had always told me to work hard in school. She had promised to do a favor for me if I performed well. That motivated me to study hard and sure enough, I indeed topped my class this time around.

She didn’t talk about it and as I kept pestering her about it, she only told me to exercise patience. I had decided to remain patient and yes, as the saying goes; patience pays.

And yes, she had brought me more of my most favorite movies; Ratatouille. As I stood looking at the whole package, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The day had kicked off on a good note and yes, it was proving to be even better than I had thought. I couldn’t hide my joy as I took the package. I went straight to watch it. But oops! Something was still amiss. What had made my mom so happy today? I decided to head over to the kitchen as I had earlier planned.

It was in the kitchen that I was able to unveil the mystery. Yes, I was able to unearth the riddle immediately I got into the kitchen. My mom had purchased a new cookware. And yes, it was the best cookware in the market. I now knew that it was its performance that had made her so happy. It was clear that it was quite efficient. I ran to where she was seated and told her that I had finally noticed what had made her that happy. And yes, she admitted that this cookware had proven quite impressive.

As I went back to watch my movie, there was something on the breaking new. I called my mom to see what had happened. And yes, it was an accident that involved two boys who had gone to ride on their parent’s motorbikes. Funny enough, one of them happened to be my friend. In fact, he had convinced me to ask my mom to buy me a motorbike as a present for good performance. My mom had always opposed that request urging me to avoid riding on motorbikes until I am well trained.

Although my friend survived, he had some serious injuries which had resulted to him being admitted to the hospital. As we went out to check on him, I couldn’t help wondering how intelligent my mom was to foresee a disaster that would befall me if I had decided to ride without experience.

As we entered the hospital, my friend was already in the ICU being attended to and although I couldn’t see him, I was sure that he was in a lot of pain.

“Thank you mom”

I said as I held her hand. She just smiled and told me not to worry. And yes, as we walked out of the hospital, I was convinced that my mom was simply the best. The days that followed, I could always wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for my mom using her new cookware. Sometimes she would join me in the kitchen.