Plumbing Is No Job For Jokers

Plumbing Is No Job For Jokers

When Jesse received his examination results for high school, he knew that there was no way he could proceed to college. He had received a flat fail in all the subjects. Education had never been a cup of tea for Jesse since elementary school when he had difficulty in reading. The elementary class teacher always insisted that Jesse had dementia. But Jesse’s mother brushed off the allegations and said that the son was just okay. Just some difficulty reading cannot constitute a mental condition. Therefore, Jesse had to struggle through school with poor performance because he despised everything about classroom learning.

After staying at home for a year after finishing high school, Jesse’s mother realized that he would end up being useless if he does not find something to do. Jesse lacked the self-initiative to look for a job, so he spend all his day watching movies, playing video games and visiting his fellow jobless friends in the hood. Jesse had started coming home late while senselessly drunk or high on some stuff.

The mother one morning told him,

“Jesse, I have found you job. Tomorrow you will travel to Dallas where you will link up with your uncle Ted”

Jesse’ s uncle, Ted, was in the construction business. He had a construction firm in Dallas that did repairs on houses and occasionally got some minor construction works. The following day, Jesse arrived in Dallas, where Uncle Ted received him and quickly oriented him on the available jobs. The company often carried out general repair works that involved specialized works in electric repairs, masonry, plumbing, and carpentry. Since Jesse had no formal training in any of the specialized areas of work, the uncle told him plumping was the easiest to learn without having to go for formal training.

Uncle Ted introduced Jesse to the senior plumber that was to train him on the job. The Plumber, a one Mr. Walker was a funny character that was more often drunk than not clients praised the good work he did but complained about his alcoholic breath. It seems that Jesse had found the perfect match to work with. Apparently, Jesse was glad to have moved away from home. He was eager to start off life on his own and earn his own income that will allow him to spend without any restrictions.

Every day, Mr. Walker took Jesse and a few other young men to perform different plumber repairs in the suburbs of Dallas. The first lesson was to learn the tools of trade that included an assortment of equipment such as the spanners, the unblocking roads, drills, reciprocating saws, grinders among others. In the first week, Jesse observed as the experienced plumbers did the work under the supervision of Mr. Walker. It took only a three days for Jesse to realize that Plumbing is a shitty job that requires some guts. Unblocking sewage systems and fixing pipes and drainage systems was no easy task. No wonder Mr. Walker was always drunk when working. His small flask of vodka was always in his overall pocket.

It took Jesse six months to learn the trade of plumbing. The on-job training exposed him to a variety of plumbing operations that were frequently requested by clients in the area. Jesse could carry out minor repairs on his own and install simple home drainage appliances such as a sink, a bathtub, shower fittings, and a toilet. He only needed assistance in carrying out major tasks such as repairing a complex sewage system, installing water heating system and such operations.

One day, Mr. Walker sent Jesse for a plumbing job to one of Uncle Ted’s clients. Jesse had acquired not only the plumbing skills from Mr. Walker, but also the drinking trend. He always sipped some vodka in the morning before proceeding to his assignment. However, Jesse was cautious enough to chew some gum to kill off the alcoholic breath from his mouth. He carried more vodka and gum to keep him going through the day in case he required more motivation.

On this particular assignment, the client lived in a small wooden house located in a farm. The WC system had blocked and so it was upon Jesse to unblock it. Jesse thought that it was a simple job that would require a simple operation of pushing the unblocking roads down the toilet drainage system.

However, upon arriving at the house, he realized the house had a complex drainage system. He will have to disassemble some parts of the wooden floor to get to the drainage joint of the toilet system. Lucky enough he had all the necessary tools in his car including the reciprocating saw and a drill to bore holes on the wooden floor. He was soon working on the drainage system with an aim of opening up the right spot to unblock the system.

The blocked system had a nasty smell that forced Jesse to sip more of his drink and chew more of his gums. By midday, his head was feeling very light and everything around him seems to be floating. Suddenly he borrowed through the drainage pipe and without any notice; a jet of the dirty toilet fluid with shit splashed him on the face. He was too surprised and drunk to react quickly to the situation. The leak from the plastic drainage pipe flowed all over the room as soon as the jet eased off. Some of the dirty water leaked through the wooden floor and landed on the kitchen room seats on the ground floor.

As Jesse was trying to tie a rubber band around the leakage area, He applied too much force on the pipe, forcing the wooden floor to break and the entire WC system when down and broke into pieces. Realizing what he had just done, Jesse staggered out of the room, down the stairs to access the damage from below. As soon as he reached the damaged part of the floor, the client walked in and started screaming. She could not fathom the damage done to the house by this young plumber. Jesse too drunk to worry, took out his vodka flask, took a sip and walked out of the house. He had decided to call it quits on the shitty job. He left all the tools on site and drove off never to be seen again.

Not All Plumbers Were Created Equal. Plumbing is a profession that requires formal training and respect in its execution. It is not a job for failures or societal rejects. Professional plumbers need to respect their clients and take the time to acquire formal skills in their line of duty. It is unacceptable to work when intoxicated. Plumbers have to be sober and mentally stable when carrying out their work.

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