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Creating The Habit of Writing

Why writing is good — even if no one will read it.

It’s possible that no one will read this.

I’m entirely okay with that.

For a long time, I got stuck in the “only write epic stuff” mode of writing. It’s a pretty common refrain — no matter how annoying the word “epic” can be & can actually become a bit dangerous if you let it take over you mindset — because you’ll only hit publish on things you approve of as “epic.”

That’s great for the reader — as they only get to read “epic” posts — but it sucks the life out of you as a writer.

If you’re self-critical by any measure (and lets face it — you are), that will mean you barely think anything you write is worth reading / posting / publishing.

That creates a downward spiral of never writing, never posting and never publishing.

Pretty soon you forget what publishing regularly feels like and it gets harder…and harder…and harder…

The Disconnect

The disconnect happens somewhere between writing for yourself & writing for others.

No — you probably shouldn’t put out crap that no one wants to read — and you shouldn’t just “publish” to “publish” — especially if you have an audience who’s time you value.

But — you should write just to write. Why? Because it makes you a better writer.

You don’t have to publish everything you write. Derek Rose doesn’t only shoot jump shots in games. He takes thousands of shots during the week to practice.

Write more and you’ll end up writing better.

You don’t have to publish it all — but start creating a habit — even if no one reads it.

But, make sure to take time to write for yourself and forge the habit of writing for writing’s sake. Even if you don’t hit publish — you need to remember what it’s like to put words down on paper day after day.