This App Changed My Meetings Forever

I suck at meetings.

Or at least I used to.

I’m getting less bad over time thanks to Sunrise’s new feature: Meet

People always talked about as a great calendar app. I never really “got it” until recently.

Easily the hardest part of keeping a schedule for me personally is handling & scheduling meetings.

I tried Calendly, ScheduleOnce and a bunch others, but none of them worked.

Until I ran into Meet.

Before, I used Meet, my work flow for meetings worked something like this:

  • You wanna grab coffee?
  • Sure, what time works for you?
  • How’s thursday?
  • Thursday is bad — how bout Tuesday?
  • Tuesday doesn’t work — how bout Wednesday at 3pm?
  • I’ve got something at that time, can you do any later?
  • 4pm?
  • Good. 4pm Wednesday it is.
  • Schedule into calendar

Too much work, too much uncertainty, too much back & forth.

The Meet Keyboard

Meet works a bit different. The app installs a new keyboard setting on your phone. The app works as a time selector within your calendar, so you can not only choose times, but you’re actually referencing your availability in your calendar in real time.

Picking Your Available Times

Once you pick the times, it creates a link where the other person can pick the time that works best for them

The auto-generated link by Meet

My work flow now looks like this:

  • Want to meet for coffee?
  • Sure, here’s 3 times that work for me — any of them work for you?
  • Get confirmation on meeting & auto-scheduled in my calendar.

So simple. So obvious. So helpful.

I thought at first you could only do it via text message, but since it uses the keyboard — you can use it anywhere in any app. Email, social media, whatever.


Way simpler.

Meet is

> There is some funky setup stuff you have to do to let Meet access your keyboard systems, but you can figure that all out right here. (ios / android)

Now I just need a way to have my VA be able to schedule meetings for me. :)

Get Meet — it might just change meetings for you.

This sounds like Sunrise paid me to write this. They didn’t. It really is just that helpful.

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