The Bushmen of the Kalahari are the toughest creatures on earth, putting people in bewilderment over how they survive

The medical world is dangerous and corrupt. Politicians and health professionals collaborate to commit medical crimes against others because their goal is to generate profit, conquer, subdue and control the weak and the vulnerable which appear mostly to be people in the Third World Countries.

But do we have to call victims of suppression weak? “Not at all, because they are strong, the reason the so-called ‘Super-power,’ fears their presence and do everything physically and medically to subdue them,” says Dr. Wolff Geisler, the German medical doctor, and author of ‘Aids, Origin, Spread and Healing.’

There are reasons it has been the task to America and Western Europe to subdue Africa and keep it under their control. To have power over Africa’s rich mineral resources and the suitable way to achieve this goal is to use slavery, Apartheid, colonization and medical crimes.

This fact is confirmed after the independence of Congo. The desperate and disappointed Belgium government and the greedy royal family, not knowing how the future of Belgium could be, collaborated with the CIA and the newly elected prime minister of Congo, Patrice Lumumba, was murdered in cold blood.

HIV, the virus causing Aids, is said to be transferred in semen, blood and originated from Africa. If this claim is true: Why has HIV not depopulated Africa at an earlier stage? Why has it not spread earlier to the colonizer countries of Great Britain, France, Belgium, and Portugal?

These questions are enough evidence for even the uneducated or a moron to know that Aids was a revenge against Africa because the Western Europe has lost Africa after independence swept through the continent. Zimbabwe was the last country to get its independence in 1980 and after it was discovered that thousands of the population had HIV/AIDS.

It’s a shame for a particular continent to suffer at the hands of people who have no regrets, conscience, integrity and actually feel proud of the crime they have committed in Africa. Unfortunately, they are blind to see or admit of reaping whatever evil they have sown in Africa in many painful ways in Europe and America.

Gun related crimes are killing Americans equally like how Aids are killing Africans, while thousands commit suicide yearly, in both Europe and America, but the poor and the underestimated Africans are thriving, struggling, flourishing, and moving on in the midst of man-made diseases, such as Aids and Ebola.

How do they survive? That should be the ultimate question by Europe and America to give Africans the respect they deserve.

Because what Africans have experienced and survived will wipe out the entire Europe and America if it happens to them. On National Geography are documentary films showing how to survive without water or when lost in the desert.

Africans don’t need lessons for survival. The bushmen in Mozambique and Botswana will teach Bear Gray how to survive in hot temperatures without food and water for several days. The Bushmen of the Kalahari desert who could survive hard life are the pride of Africa when it comes to real survival, not the fake ones shown on national television.

Hurting Africa, one must say that they tried to create an impression that everything is normal because everyone was doing it but that’s not true. Apart from America, the European countries that committed both physical and medical crime in Africa are Britain, France, Germany, Holland, and Belgium. Is not the entire Europe.

The “expert-scientists” maintain that enslavement was inner-African common practice. But enslavement was enhanced by European guns to kill and the use of bioweapons from Europe to weaken and change the mind of victims.

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