Wolff Geisler, the German medical doctor wrote authentic book about the origins of Aids, man-made diseases, and ways diseases are spread to humans

Wolff Geisler is believed to be one of the world’s famous medical doctors but his love for mankind and the motivation to expose medical crimes around the globe, especially in Africa, has given him less recognition in a world overshadowed by hate, lies, selfishness, and hypocrisy.

Dr. Wolff Geisler was born in Germany in the year 1941. A specialist in general medicine, Geisler practiced as a family doctor in Port-Wahn, Cologne, Germany.

Geisler criticized the colonial role of Portugal and in the 1970’s and 1980’s, he openly criticized the participation of Siemens, Daimler-Benz, Rheinmetall, and Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm, in supporting the Apartheid regime in South Africa.

In his book, ‘Aids: Origin, Spread, and Healing,’ Geisler reveals the origin of Aids and how deadly diseases and cancer caused sicknesses are deliberately spread through blood transfusion, drinking water, and swimming pools.

The German doctor reveals in his book that HIV and other diseases can be spread by specially bred insects, yet, since 1985, the United States government has denied this specifically bred of insects

for that purpose. He also reveals that Aids was a product of Virus of infectious Anaemia of horses.

Research scientists maintained that in certain cases in Florida insects to be regarded as HIV transmitters. HIV can be transmitted by stable flies and can be shown to exist in mosquitoes over a period of 48 hours and in bedbugs for up to eight days.

HIV constituents were shown to exist in insects cells. The HIV-envelope-protein, the core protein, and the reverse transcriptase protein are produced by insect cells. HIV-infected cells were found in more than half of the mosquitoes of the Aedes aegypti type examined in Zaïre (Congo) and the Central African Republic.

Apart from Aids medical crime, Geisler blamed the US government responsible for the spread of diseases through dried milk powder and drinking water.

Geisler argues that Cryptococcosis is a sort of disease infects white people four times more easily on average than black people because it reproduces more slowly in hot surroundings as opposed to cooler places, it was discovered in average six times more frequently in Aids patients from Zaire than patients in the USA.

The man is described as someone who loves to read on issues in regard to the economic and military relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and South Africa. Apart from his books, magazine Collections in the cabinets and on the shelves, he likes reading international military magazines up to brochures of black African resistance movements of confidential papers, from the boardrooms of German enterprises to official government documents.

Many may not like the Germans because of Adolf Hitler but not every German is like Hitler. In every society, there are both good and bad people. While many shunned Africa and under the umbrella of the World Health Organization, Centers for Diseases Control, scientists, and medical personnel deliberately inflicting diseases in the continent through contaminated vaccines, Geisler’s time in Africa was to record the medical crimes.

For example, Geisler argued for the independence of those African areas of the Portuguese colonialists as the Managing Director of the “German Committee for Angola, Guinea-Bissau, and Mozambique”. At shareholder’s meetings, he railed against the participation of German companies in the construction of the Cabora-Bassa hydroelectric dam, with which Portugal extended its domination in Africa, what he called it an “Accessory to murder”.

According to a publication, Wolff Geisler has remained always alone and has great difficulty in work because he can not paste and not subordinate in a group. Why? Because he is an intelligent man who wouldn’t like to associate himself with such people we still see today, liars and hypocrites.

Like the Dutch scientist and micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen, all his friend have deserted him shortly after publishing his books in The Netherlands revealing that Aids and Ebola were medical crimes.

There is something terribly wrong in this world making the presence of the FBI, CIA, World Health Organization, Centers for Diseases Control, the United Nations, the International Criminal Court and the media such as the CNN and BBC, totally useless. Yes, their presence indeed is totally insignificant and meaningless. Now, I understand the reason once an American woman told me she hates the CNN because they are liars.

Those organizations and the media have caused more misery to mankind than helping or solving their problems because they don’t do what they preached. The keep significant information from the public. Thank you CNN for “Inside Africa,” but Africa wants the truth. If you have qualified journalists then let them investigate to tell Africans that “Aids and Ebola are indeed medical crimes against the continent.

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