Kim Jong Nam, assassinated by Bio-warfare product

Since the Dutch scientist, Johan Van Dongen and the German Dr. Wolff Geisler have been studying about Bio-warfare in Africa and based on research had documents of bio-weapons in a form of diseases against Africa, resulting in the death of thousands of Africans, we investigated the manner of which Kim Jong-Nam was killed.

Thus, on February 22, 2017, our freelance investigative journalist, Joel Savage, published an article entitled KIM JONG NAM’S DEATH DEMONSTRATES HOW BIO-WEAPON KILLS. From the time we launched this new health blog, we have been thriving to give the right information to those conscious about healthy living.

It didn’t come to us as a shock when the Malaysian authorities confirmed death of Kim Jong Nam. The Malaysian police have said the substance used in the killing of Kim Jong-Nam was a “VX nerve agent,” a highly toxic liquid used only in chemical warfare.

This is exactly what we published, making us: “The first health blog in the world to publish that Kim Jong-Nam was killed by VX gas before the Malaysian government announced.

Reference-The Guardian: http://bit.ly/2l5aA7w

We are not even proud of what we have achieved because the best hasn’t been achieved yet, until the whole world believe us that Aids, Ebola, Lassa Fever, Zika virus etc, were all medical bio-warfare products against mankind by the American government, under the umbrella of the World Health organization and the Center for Diseases Control.

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