Why grow in Medium?

Yeah, I’m asking you!

If you’re in Medium for a time you probably already have seen some posts that are published only for get recommends, they don’t have much to say or argue, but are so neutral and generic so many people would recommend it. I don’t like much this posts, but how am I to judge then? What I want to say is that not everyone have to publish stuff like that.

You know, Medium is different from any other blogging platform. The mantra of Medium is “Share ideas, share experiences, share knowledge!”, so it is what we must do in here. In Blogger or WordPress the only thing that matter there was the amount of people that reads you, and if many people reads your blog you even could get some money with it. But here, 5 recommends could mean more than 1k, because the ideas that you share are more important that the amount of people that see your posts.

Why grow in Medium?

I think it is a fair question, why is important to get a profile with thousands of followers? Medium don’t pay you a penny to you, and not necessarily this followers will inflate your ego ever you need. Actually, Medium is a shit tool for big producers of content, because they get almost the same of Medium that everyone.

But to be fair, there are other ways to grow in Medium. You can grow the group of people that you share, take your own work and mess up with theres, refine your arguments, techniques or whatever you post in Medium.

So, don’t let this boom posts make you think that your work is less important or with less quality. Remember, Medium is the best platform for write and read, to get clicks is better make cute cat videos on YouTube.

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