How Does The Idiot Keep Fellow MedTrekkers On The Path In Northern Cyprus?

The Idiot tells everyone who accompanies him on the MedTrek in Cyprus, or anywhere else, that “the goal is the path, the path is the goal” and “I walk at the pace of my slowest companion.”

“The path is the goal and we’re in absolutely no hurry,” The Idiot tells journalist Chris Elliot, the co-founder of cyprusscene. (Photo: Michael de Glanville)

But most MedTrekkers have their own interests, ambitions and distractions that can amuse and test even the most patient Idiot.

The Idiot’s partner Liz Chapin, for example, not only insists on greeting and getting intimate with every dog on the island country but also relishes having lengthy conversations with fellow humans.

Liz and her affection for every dog in Cyprus have held up the MedTrekking group for hours.
Liz discusses the history and evolution of capers with a Cypriot who’s been gathering them all morning. Time elapsed: 2 minutes.
Liz thanks a new friend for serving her fresh dolma on the MedTrek. Time elapsed: 8 minutes.
Want to know more about the beautiful clock flower found on Cyprus? Liz got all the details from Mesut. Time elapsed: 11 minutes.

Companion Michael de Glanville not only enjoys human social interactions, which The Idiot oftens chooses to avoid, but also selects difficult hiking paths that leave The Idiot and Liz in the sand.

Cypriot-born Michael de Glanville provides a detailed account of the island’s history to some visitors from the UK. Time elapsed: 9 minutes. (Photo: Liz Chapin)
“Don’t worry about falling, Liz, it’s not that high,” said Michael. Time elapsed: 4 seconds.
Michael’s determined uphill paces leave the rest of us in the sand. Time saved: 2 minutes.
Michael is an expert at walking on troublesome pebble beaches. Time saved: 0 seconds.
“Ready to take me on in the water? Time elapsed: 4 seconds.”

The Idiot, of course, attempts to take all of these delays and different speeds in stride.

“Now where are they?” asks The Idiot, who tries to maintain visual contact with everyone.
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