What Are The Idiot’s Ten Most Memorable Swimming Holes In Cyprus?

A swimming hole in the Cape Greco National Forest Park north of Aiya Napa, Cyprus.

The Idiot frequently took dives, plunges and swims in the Mediterranean Sea when he MedTrekked around the island country of Cyprus.

Here, in the order that he encountered them, are his ten most momentous swimming holes for intrigue, pleasure, relief from the heat and/or short swimming workouts.

1. The Idiot’s first swim in the Mediterranean Sea on Cyprus occurred when he jumped off this cliff and…
…explored the sea caves in the Cape Greco National Forest Park north of Aiya Napa.
2. The Idiot took his first sunrise dip on the long beach in Limassol.
3. The most classic dusking swim on Cyprus was around the Rock of Aphrodite, which gets its name from the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation.
4. The Idiot’s mouth was watering when he arrived at the Blue Lagoon after MedTrekking through the Akamas Peninsula National Park.
5. The Idiot and Liz Chapin had this new pier — and its diving platform — to themselves in western Cyprus.
6. The Idiot understood why invaders had problems attacking the Kyrenia/Girne castle when he swam around it.
7. The Idiot enjoyed working out in “lanes” created by rock formations, like these in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
8. The Idiot stumbled upon numerous isolated or empty beaches like….
8….these on the Karpaz Peninsula in northeastern Cyprus.
9. It was always convenient and easy to take a quick skinny dip while strolling on the many sandy beaches in Cyprus.
10. The Idiot’s last swim on his MedTrek around Cyprus occurred at the end of the guarded fence near the “ghost town” of Famagusta in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Tomorrow: What type of people did The Idiot and his companions encounter on the path when they MedTrekked around Cyprus?

Joel Stratte-McClure is the author of “The Idiot and the Odyssey: Walking the Mediterranean” (2008) and “The Idiot and the Odyssey II: Myth, Madness and Magic on the Mediterranean” (2013).

He is currently based in Northern California but travels regularly to the Mediterranean to gather anecdotes and add kilometers for his third book in this series: “The Idiot and the Odyssey III: Walking the Mediterranean in the Footsteps of Alexander the Great” (2018).

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