I Have Crohn’s & This Is Why I’m Not Fighting For A Cure
Bhavani Esapathi

Great article Bhavani. I concur. Once I became an empowered patient, becoming an expert Medical Researcher founding Integrative Support Groups that support Integratively healing the body, from all potential root causes, once I started to look within, and focus on areas where I lacked self love, particularly my Ulcerative Colitis, that is when healing started, and became the foundation, the platform, from which healing could begin. It wasn’t an easy road, there were bumps and grinds, and today I am medicine, surgery, symptom and surgery free. Is this possible for everyone? I don’t know. We, One Great Gut — A Benefit Company — are doing our best to educate, advocate, empower, research and hold space for the healing of others.

I think you’ll enjoy this article I just wrote, re-published from Dr. Dahlman