Summary of sites I regularly visit to get my dose of crypto. If you have other interesting sites, you think I should visit, please advise me.


Coinmarketcap Site that…

If you are a technology enthusiast like me and believe that innovation and disruptive technologies are what you need to be investing your money on then read on.

With so many public companies working on innovative and disruptive technologies, sorting through the clutter is very difficult and just cumbersome. Of course there are those well known companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and even NVIDIA to name a few of them but outside of these big names, there is a myriad of small to medium sized firms that are likewise working on very innovative and disruptive technologies. Blockchain, IoT or internet…

I was initially planning to write a book on this but decided that a succinct list would just be as effective so here you go.

I like to premise this list that you need to have a “good” source of income. “Good” is very subjective and different for each individual’s particular situation and mindset. Some folks think that half a million a year is good while others 40k a year is fine so I am not going to recommend that you aim to earn this much a year. What I am going to recommend though is that you continuously evaluate…

Joel Ruiz

Just a regular guy talking about stuff I spend my time on with the hope that it helps other people

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