4 Advantages of Dancing

This morning I wrote a short blog about David dancing before the Lord. It provoked me to meditate all day on the distinct advantages of dancing before the Lord. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Dancing builds your Humility- When you dance before the Lord it will always put you in a place to be laughed at. No one wants to seem strange or uncool these days but dancing before the Lord is just that, before the Lord (not anyone else)!
  2. Dancing reinforces Christ’s Victory- Dancing is almost always associated with any military endeavor that has succeeded. When you dance, it actually reinforces your jubilation over the finished work of the Cross. Jesus’ conquest over Satan was completed 2k years ago and every day you need to remind yourself and Satan that he was indeed defeated!
  3. Dancing Lifts your spirit- you will not be able to stay downcast or defeated while dancing. There is something about dancing that has a similar effect to smiling. It releases endorphins into your system and makes you feel much lighter and happier.
  4. Dancing increases your Heart Rate- this is not a spiritual thing but is no doubt very beneficial. You may discover how out of shape or sedentary your lifestyle has become when you start dancing before the Lord. There is no better movement strategy than moving your whole body around for several minutes a day…to the glory of God!

Let’s get started dancing today!!