4 Ways to Become World Class in your Work

Whatever you do, do well. For when you go to the grave, there will be no work or planning or knowledge or wisdom. Eccl 9:10 NLT

Whatever you do, do well! What a great formula for success. Solomon is dropping some serious nuggets of wisdom on us here! Maybe you ask, How do I do what I do well? Good question!

  1. Work Hard- You can never do anything well without putting in the work. Don’t look for a quick buck or a get rich quick scheme. Know that hard work is going to precipitate anything worthwhile.
  2. Plan Ahead- Working hard is important but you have to have a good plan. Something that guides your effort moving forward. Don’t just aimlessly throw your energy at projects. Plan ahead and maximize your efforts!
  3. Know your Stuff- Whatever field you are in demands that you know everything you possibly can about your particular area. Don’t assume last years knowledge will keep you up to date in a rapidly changing marketplace.
  4. Pursue Wisdom- There is never a place where we have arrived at the ultimate destination of wisdom. You must pursue it with all your heart each and every day. Wisdom is different than knowledge because wisdom comes from above. Yes, it can be transmitted by others, but all wisdom ultimately comes from God about how the world around us works best.

Takeaway: Is your work world class or no class? Is it exceptional or mediocre? Maybe the pay check you receive is mediocre because the work you are doing is mediocre. Look over these 4 stages and find the place that needs most work for you. Is it knowledge? Is it wisdom? Is it overcoming passivity and laziness to be a hard worker?

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