6 Reasons WHY Making Your Bed is SO Important

I am the classic non-bedmaker. My parents forced us to make our beds and I never saw any value whatsoever.

What’s the use in making my bed every morning only to destroy it again each night?

2 or so years ago my wife prevailed on me to begin seriously focusing on this seemingly worthless habit. Immediately, I noticed how hard it was for me. This, believe it or not, actually motivated me to do it more! (I know, I’m a sick man)

  1. Moves You Past the Night’s Sleep- the first thing making your bed will do is make it clear to your lazy, groggy, wanna get back in the bed self, that the night is over and your are on your way to a productive day.
  2. Starts Your Day with Discipline- we all fight the uphill battle of being disciplined. When you do something simple like make your bed every day it bolsters your ability to make the tough decisions in other areas you are trying to being disciplined. It says to yourself, “I am and will be a disciplined person today.
  3. Sends a Message to Your Life- Nothing sends a signal to your life that you are an orderly person that leaves things better than they were before like making your bed. I’ve even become so convinced of the power in this that I make my bed when staying at hotels (which I do quite too often).
  4. Keeps You from Getting Back in Bed- Ok, this one may be the best motivation for many of you. Something about making your bed makes it much, much harder to get back in bed and snooze away. You will not want to mess up your hard work! Makes no sense and perfect sense all at the same time!
  5. Kickstarts a Sense of Accomplishment- By making your bed you will feel as if you already crossed something off your to-do list before you even get dressed! Can’t beat that! For those compulsive to-do listers (like myself) you can always write it down and then cross off at the top your list when making your list for the day. Score one for me! (told you I was a sick man)
  6. Helps Initiate Your Bedtime Routine- The final thought is in regards to your evening bedtime routine. Pulling down the sheets does something powerful to your mind and body by sending the vibe that bedtime has come. There is a reason they pull down the sheets at a luxury hotel. Build your own luxury feel and prepare yourself for bed by putting down the sheets and getting into an organized and comfy bed. Sweet dreams!

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