6 Things I learned hanging out with Dad

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a father like Larry Stockstill?

For me, it is very natural because it is all I’ve ever known. Despite this, I still find it such an honor to be his son on a daily basis. Recently, he came to Dallas to hang out with me for a few days and while we were together I was once again reminded of some of the attributes that have contributed to his greatness as a father and leader.

1. Get up early- getting up at 5 AM is the norm when you are around dad. He gets up to pray and seek the Lord on a daily basis. This has been an element of his example in my life that has challenged me since my early teens and continues to inspire me today.
 2. Keep revelation a big deal- dad never loses his wonder for the Word of God. Every day he finds life and faith from his daily readings. His child like faith is an inspiration and spurs me to dig deeper in the word every day!
 3. Stay active- dad has always been an extremely active individual. He loves to be outside and play sports and in his later years golf. Each day he spends time exercising and preparing himself to have a high-energy impact both for that day and the years to come.
 4. Love people- hardly a week goes by that I don’t see him weep over some person’s life. He relishes in every conversation and values each person that he meets. You can tell his genuine love for people in the way he rehearses small things that gave him great joy as he interacts with people throughout the day.
 5. Be humble- I know I already mentioned weeping, but dad is so sensitive to the Holy Spirit and willing to be broken before Him at any time. This is a humility that we find extremely rare these days. This sensitive heart for the things of God is due to his great humility. He would never tell you this… so I will!
 6. Give thanks for everything- last but not least is the overwhelming sense of gratitude and praise that continuously come from dad’s mouth. He truly is grateful for everything the Father has done. He never lets an opportunity go by without giving thanks to God for some great miracle He has done or for some small detail in his life in which he can see the intervention of the Holy Spirit.

At 38 his example is still as potent in my life as ever. You may not have a father like my dad, but you can learn these lessons today and become a better son or daughter!