Bring Back the King!

“You are my relatives, my own tribe, my own flesh and blood! So why are you the last ones to welcome back the king?” ‭‭2 Samuel‬ ‭19:12‬ ‭NLT‬‬

There is a movement happening in the Body of Christ today.

The people of God are thirsty for a genuine move of God’s Spirit.

The memories of revival past are no longer good enough.

As great as Brownsville, Toronto, and many other revivals were in the 90’s, people are more than ready for something fresh and new.

Having said that, why aren’t the church leaders crying out for revival?

Why aren’t the shepherds of God’s people the ones with greatest thirst for a fresh outpouring?

This verse stirred my spirit very strongly this morning as the Lord spoke to me through this question, “Why are you the last ones to welcome back the king?” WOW!

There has been a dirth in the land of genuine, supernatural outpouring.

You may ask, Why? Because the spirit of Absalom attempted to replace the genuine move of God’s Spirit with man made ideas that seemed new and exciting but were really just carnal attempts to gain greater popularity by a select few.

Takeaway: It is time for the shepherd’s of God’s flock to rise up and demand the return of the true King.

It is time for Jesus to be welcomed back into His Church with abandonment of all self-made idolatry.

Join me today and let’s bring back the King. Jesus COME! Jesus MOVE!