My Morning Routine

The most important dynamic of your life will ultimately become the way you live out each day. @hippofloat

My morning routine has always been extremely important to me and has been the catalyst for whatever success I’ve enjoyed as a leader.

These days I’ve become even more convinced of the importance to daily routine and the specific way that is carried out. Doing something daily is great…unless it is the wrong thing!

Here are the 5 things I actually DO every morning in my daily routine.

  1. Read- 6 days a week I begin my day with the Word of God! Just as the manna fell from heaven for the children of Israel, I awake each day and begin the highest priority by gathering the life-giving manna from heaven.
  2. Meditate- Once I have read the daily readings ( I then spend a few minutes meditating on what I’ve read and decide on a theme verse.
  3. Create- Taking that theme verse I then create content to articulate my thoughts. Sometimes this culminates into a sermon outline for an upcoming event. Most times it is a simple blog.

No matter what, I try to create something everyday that keeps my mind sharp and expands my ability to articulate what is in my heart.

4. Grow- Once done with the “spiritual” aspect of my routine I move to personal growth. This is comprised of 3 different books (more to come on this in a later blog) that I read each day. My goal is to take a bite size portion from each of these books.

5. Publish- Finally, I take Scriptures, blogs, and quotes and publish them to different social media platforms. This goes beyond content to me. Partly, it helps me be accountable as a continual learner to the world around me. Also, it gives immediate expression to the things burning in my heart.

Develop your morning routine to a science.

Make changes where needed but consistently do something every day. You may have a completely different approach to your routine than me but be encouraged today to take your life more seriously and invest daily with an amazing morning routine!