Sanctified 15

As I read Eph. 5 in my daily readings this week I could not help but notice all the direct commands that the apostle Paul gave to the Ephesian church. I started writing them down and found 23 such commands. After eliminating the ones that repeat I came up with these 15 direct commands that all were intended to help us be MORE LIKE CHRIST!

  1. Imitate God- vs. 1 This requires that you dig into the Word (Jesus is the living Word) and see Jesus revealed so you can faithfully imitate Him.
  2. Live a life filled with love- vs. 2
  3. Let there be no sexual immorality- vs. 3
  4. Don’t be fooled by those who excuse sins- vs. 6
  5. Live as people of the light- vs. 8 You cannot afford to live like the world. People are watching you and you will either reflect darkness (culture) or Christ.
  6. Take no part in worthless deeds- vs. 11
  7. Don’t talk about what ungodly people do- vs. 12
  8. Be careful how you live- vs. 15
  9. Understand what the Lord wants you to do- vs. 17 It takes faithful pursuit and surrender to discover the plan of Christ for your life.
  10. Don’t be drunk with wine- vs. 18
  11. Be filled with the Holy Spirit- vs. 18 You are not waiting on this to happen TO you! By praying in the Spirit and singing in the Spirit you turn on the “flow”.
  12. Give thanks for everything- vs. 20 Having an attitude of gratitude will change your perspective from earthly to heavenly. Thanksgiving is the language of heaven!
  13. Submit to one another- vs. 21
  14. Love your wife as yourself- vs. 33 The greatest challenge any man can face is to love his wife in the same way or greater than himself. Only by dying to self and walking closely with Jesus can you ever accomplish this.
  15. Respect your husband- vs. 33 The ultimate need of any man is to be respected. The measure of respect he feels from his wife is the level he will open up and be vulnerable.