What the heck?

Why don’t my past good deeds help me now??

In the past you have encouraged many people;
 you have strengthened those who were weak. Job 4:3 NLT

Have you ever been in the middle of a trial and wondered where all the credits from your past good deeds were when you needed a miracle?

It’s like, “God, what the heck!” I have been pouring my life out to others and now that I need help it seems like the heavens are brass!

This is where Job was. Even worse, his friends were pointing it out. It is one thing when you wrestle with something in your own mind and wonder if you are right. It is a whole different level when your friends point something out and it is obvious to all!

We have all been there at some point or another. We always want God to keep score when it comes to the good we have done. Like tickets at an arcade we want to redeem them for a stuffed animal when we are ready. Fortunately for us, the Lord doesn’t keep record of good and bad because the bad would far outweigh the good!

Understanding this should never keep us from doing good for others. It should just simply focus our motives on truly helping people with no strings attached. Knowing that your good deeds are not redeemable whenever you want something from the heavenly “goody store” keeps you from doing good for others just to have security for a rainy day.

You have to trust God at all times for all things!

Takeaway: Have you been disillusioned because of your past good works that didn’t translate to “rescue points”? Is this a wrong mindset you’ve had by default? I encourage you to read this chapter and meditate on the first part in order to really catch what the Lord would speak to you today concerning this important principle.

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