The Best Business Tactic I’ve Seen All Year!

So today I’m scrolling through Instagram and I saw a post that caught my eye.

So personally I don’t really just consume content at random, I’m either engaging or producing, but never pointlessly scrolling. But today for five minutes I decided to put myself in the place of the consumer. I was going to pointlessly scroll and see how it felt.

It felt like a numb boring feeling with the occasional giggle at a stupid meme.

And then as I was scrolling I noticed something that changed the way that i’m going to do business.

A girl that I follow on my account had posted a picture of some sort of lotion and cream and next to it was a hand written note. Reading the caption I realised that the company had sent her a note thanking her for her repeat business. This girl was over the moon about it and just had to tell her followers.

Being in the mood I was I barely glanced and thought that’s nice. Then the business side of me perked up and said, damn it, that’s a damn chess move if I’ve ever seen one.

Let’s zoom in, so because the company went out of their way to take a few minutes to handwrite a letter to a customer saying ‘thanks for your business’, this girl would become as loyal to this company as a teenager is to a nice filter and lighting. Not only that, but she also showed all of her followers! Talk about smooth.

When a company says they care most people are like ‘ok buddy, sure you do.’ But when they show you they care, people love it. You know why? Because people like it, no love it, when others care about them.

So for anyone looking to enhance their business tactics, try this one, actually caring about your customers.

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Keep grindin’


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