Why I Am Building A Personal Brand

If you asked me 6 months ago whether personal brands matter I would have said no. How times change.

It’s crazy how you have firm opinions but if you allow yourself to be open minded you start to see things the way they really are. This is what happened to me when I thought of personal brands.

Personal brands to me seemed to be some kid flexing on Instagram selling protein to make a few bucks. It didn’t seem authentic and I didn’t like it. Then I started to notice that these people were getting noticed.

Once I was able to shift from a place envy for whatever reason to a place of seeing things the way they were I realised what I was missing out on. Now don’t get me wrong I have no intention on being the next #fitspiration, but I do see the power of a personal brand.

The main benefit I saw of people building their own personal brand, whether they new it or not, was that they were able to get opportunities that other people didn’t have access to. If people knew who you were it was easier for you to get past the velvet red rope.

The access to opportunities was the one upside that trumped all the downsides in my mind and I knew that if my personal brand was authentic and real, and what I was said and did were the same, then I would be able to build myself armour no one could penetrate.

I’ve started the process and in my latest video below I give a couple of insights as to how I’ve already started to gain traction and build the start of a following.

If you want a closer look at how I roll add me on snapchat: joeluili

Keep grindin’


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