You Hustle? Cool. You Don’t? Cool.

People are judging other people’s lifestyles and it’s just not cool.

It’s crazy to me that people think that they can judge someone else based on who they are as a person. Okay I understand the extremes and yes I too have judged hitler, but just because someone chose to play Fifa 17 (is that even a game yet?) over starting a company and working hard doesn’t make them hitler!

I keep seeing this popping up. People that are working hard act as if they are above someone else on so many different levels. They look at these people and act like what they are doing with their life is so much better. And look I get it on one level, you’re actively trying to impact the world. But then to look at someone else and say they should do the same shows your misunderstanding of other people’s values.

Some people only value happiness. And if working a simple job, and playing video games, watching Netflix or chilling is your idea of that then credit to you for executing it.

The only reason that i’m not doing that is because I feel compelled to do something else. I feel compelled to start a company. I feel compelled to reach as far as I can. There just isn’t another route for me. I used to play video games until I took a hard look at myself and said, ‘This isn’t right, I am someone else and I need to let that person free.’

I also think that a lot of people that don’t work hard could potentially be happier achieving other things but I will never look down on them for choosing another path. That’s not my decision. If you were meant to do something amazing with your life and you didn’t, well i’m sure you’re living in hell and I don’t need to add a match to an already burning fire.

And to the people that think they are better because they work hard, you’re not. You’ve just chosen that path in life. Working hard is not the trophy you’re searching for, doing what you know is right with your life and actually doing it is the trophy. And I hope you earn that trophy.

I made a YouTube video about this (see below) and would be cool if you could check it out and let me know what you think.

Keep grindin’


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