It’s an all-hands-on-deck moment for the planet. Climate Draft helps talent translate their passion into action

The conversation around climate change feels more defeatist every day: between reports from climate scientists and the deluge of news on record fires, floods and hurricanes, it’s hard to see how we, as individuals…

As VCs triage their existing portfolio companies—how do you navigate trying to fundraise?

A photo of two colleagues in a warehouse, one of them is pointing to the left.
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Like many of you, we’ve had to reorient our fundraising strategies as the current crisis has unfolded. Many of my portfolio companies have also asked for advice because they’ve never seen a crisis like this before. …

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Kickstart your company’s culture in a week with this easy framework for early stage companies

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Almost all founders know that culture is vital to long-term success, yet investing in culture typically isn’t a priority at early-stage startups. It usually takes a backseat to more existential challenges like fundraising, sales, and product-building.

I get it: Investing in fireproofing while fighting a fire doesn’t feel like the…

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Lessons, learned mostly the hard way, from building and running a company

A silhouette of Steve Jobs’ profile against the Apple logo during the 2004 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote.
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In startups, “founder CEOs” have a kind of mythic power — visionaries who not only give birth to new ideas, but bring them to life across every stage as the organization grows. Zuckerberg. Jobs. Benioff. A few names that embody that myth.

But the truth is, founder and CEO are…

From politics to doctor interference, there are too many things in the way, but technology and listening to women can help fix the problem

Images: Simple Health

In 1960, when the pill was first made available to women for the indication of “menstrual regulation,” it couldn’t legally be discussed in association with or prescribed for contraception. And that would remain the case for nearly a decade.

Today, to a surprising degree, even as more than 99% of…

It feels wrong, but it’s a game-changer for productivity

Society makes spending money on reducing your workload feel self-indulgent and wasteful. Some would even argue that any dollar spent reducing work for the founder is inappropriate, that it’s anathema to the DIY ethos of startup culture. What, you really can’t keep track of your own schedule?

I can, but…

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You know it when you see it, and it’s not helping you get any better. So why are you wasting your time?

Illustration: James Graham

Most blogs about startups today could easily be classified as startup porn. Take an article like “When to Expand Your Business, According to This Successful Serial Entrepreneur.” The title alone should be a red herring. Instead of delivering the value premised by its title, the article offers up chestnuts like:

A ‘meh’ might as well be a no. Hiring managers need to stake their reputations on the candidates they want to add to the team.

Credit: South_agency/Getty Images

A few years ago, I read a blog post by the author and entrepreneur Mark Manson entitled “Fuck Yes or No.” …

For as long as I can remember, the startup battlecry has been, “Disrupt!”

Using technology, the idea goes, we can tear down old systems and create a better world. Working within this framework, every bit of collateral damage is justified in the fight for progress. This is an aggressive stance…

On a mission? You’ll need to get more involved than ever to accomplish it in today’s world.

For better or worse, “What do you do?” is a pretty common icebreaker.

Many people have an easy time labeling themselves, but I find the question incredibly difficult to answer. …

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