Prove them wrong. You’re in control.

Today is the 1/1/18. This often means New Years Resolutions and ‘New Year New Me’ things. Now, me personally, I find it all silly. I think it’s crazy that people think you can only change one day of the year, when you have 364 other days (365, if it’s a leap year just to be a smart ar*e) you can make any change you want in your life. Let me go into depth with this, open up your minds.

I’ll start by talking about me a little. Now, if you have read my ‘Dear 14 year old Joel’ piece, you’ll know that I have made a lot of change in my life and been in different places throughout the last few years of my life. I mean, only 4 years ago was my schooling in dire straits, with talk of me being politely expelled- without that word exactly being used, always the naughty boy who was always kicked out of classes, and being told I will be nothing and headed for nowhere many times to now, about to start year 12 and ready to make what I can of it. Along with many other changes I have made in my life. But, I chose to. Not because of anyone else really. I mean, it’s nice to have them occasionally comment on the change I have made, don’t get me wrong! However, I did it because I am in control.

You and I, may have different names, faces, skin colour, ages, capabilities etc. But we are the same, we are human. And what we have in common, is we have a drive within us. All people do, it’s just not everyone finds it. We also share the fact that we have been criticised many times by people who in reality, have no control over us.

You may think they actually have control over us, but in reality they do not. One of my biggest realisations I have made in the last few months, is that the world is not in control of me. Circumstances may come into life that are beyond our control, however, what matters the most is how we conduct ourselves. Sh*t WILL happen, and so will good things.

Think of it like a pilot, he can’t dictate the weather his plane flies through on it’s journey. But what he can control is how he controls the situation, whether he slightly rolls the plane further to the east to avoid a heavy patch of rain, for example. But he’s also going to have fantastic flying days where the sun is out, with not a drop of rain or a cloud to be seen. What YOU make of it and how YOU go about it, matters the most.

You’re here for something. You wouldn’t have been brought into this world if it wasn’t yours. You have a path you want to pursue, focus on that. Don’t lose sight of it. You can create what you want. Don’t get caught up on what Kim Kardashian, The Jenners and Cristiano Ronaldo are doing. It’s okay to observe and idolise them if they are inspiration to you. But don’t ever get down on yourself, and feel like you’re nothing in comparison to them. Keep pushing, and going at it. You can make what you want, but just be sure that it really is what you want and not what someone outside wants.

Just prove them wrong, make what you want and kick ass. You’re flying this plane. No one else. There are laws we may have to follow, but there are no rules in this meaning life. I can’t tell you what a great life is. Only you can tell yourself, because you’re in charge of making it for yourself. No one else.

So go f*cking get it.

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