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It’s funny you mentioned Beyonce in this article. I watched the “Weiner” documentary two days ago, and both my girlfriend and I were mesmerized by the “what-if” scenario (and fallout) of Huma, following the second sexting scandal, clacking her prepared speech in support of her husband a few times on the podium at the press conference, turning to Anthony, saying to her husband into the mics so all the TV crews caught it Live, “Fuck You,” and letting the prepared speech cascade to the floor in pages as she walked off the floor.

She’d have become a canonized GIF, Champion Protective Mom, Beyonce 2.0 before ‘Lemonade’ even came out, Hillary-if-Hillary-had-the-guts, and the perfect counterpunch to every time we see one of those poor “supportive” wives standing off to the side of her “profoundly sorry” famous husband. All in one moment. If only.