Why do I need to write

I always wanted to start writing a blog to share my thoughts and my ideas about many topics. I have started writing before but I always feel insecure of many things and I end up deleting the blog after posting less than 10 articles.

Writing is a good exercise. But it is has always been difficult for me. I am conscious about my grammar, the topics that I want to discuss and even the time that you need to write. But a friend who shares the same interest wanted me to write and share my experience. So here I am in Medium. Hopefully, I will be able to keep on writing and share my stories.

I have already made plans on what to write and feature on this space. I am a fan of reading fiction. So, I will be featuring some books that I have been reading for the past few months. I am also a Ph.D. student in Japan and I plan of posting articles about my life as a Ph.D. student and my life in Japan.

I guess I have to start somewhere and this will be a good thing to start. To start writing and sharing my ideas about my world and about the ideas that matter to me.

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