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Hint: It Has Nothing to do With Niceness…

We all know the current of discourse running through our social media feeds, our text conversations, internet threads and beyond — men bemoan the fact that women just can’t seem to settle down for a “nice guy” like themselves and seek to justify this claim with a gazillion examples of instances where someone is dating a not-so-nice person instead of them, proclaiming boastfully and loudly, “See! See! Women don’t want a nice guy!”

Women, on the other hand, are quite clear about their ideas, their expectations, their desires, and their wants, and a quick glance of many of the women writing here on Medium, especially the feminists, will show that women have no shortage of things to say when it comes to their critiques of men in contemporary society and what they want…if only the men who commit to these practices and say these things were listening, but they wrote off women a long time ago as somehow being not worth listening to, while simultaneously complaining about a lack of action or so much as a date. …

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From My Personal Experience to You

When we scan our cultural history for all of the lies that men are assumed to tell women, we’d likely come up with a slew of answers from our art, media, and popular culture. “I promise, I’ll never do it again,” would be one lie that comes to mind that might make it up toward the top of the list of lies that men tell to get what they want. …


Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the History of Beer

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Whether you’re a blue-collar American factory worker, an ancient Sumerian monk, an ancient Egyptian priest, an everyday middle-class Czech, or Homer Simpson, beer is a cornerstone upon which our society has been founded; beer and its big brother bread make up an insane amount of our dietary intake and represent a large proportion of our global agriculture.

Wait, did I just say bread is the big brother of beer? Well, yes, and historically speaking, it is.

And did you know that beer was invented and crafted by women for millennia before men finally got on board and learned how to brew? …


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