Everybody has their own version of success made up in their mind. For some people it’s about having a certain amount of money, material things, and a big house. For others it’s as simple as working the job they’ve always wanted to work, having a place to lay their head at night, and having a significant other to spend time with. My version of success is different, much different.

My version of success consists of one thing, legacy. I want people to not only remember who I am but what I stood for. I want to leave a legacy. That’s my ultimate goal. I want to leave behind something undeniable and something unordinary. I’ve always felt like I was cut from a different cloth, a cloth far from the average. Some people don’t think about legacy and don’t think about the potential they have to leave one. Everyone’s going to die at some point whether they want to admit it or not, no one is immortal. So the question is what do you want to be remembered for? That’s your legacy, it’s what people will speak of at your funeral and what those closest to you will tell others when you no longer are around to tell them yourself. Me personally I want to be remembered as someone who had a tremendous work ethic, crazy passion for his occupation , an undeniable drive to become successful, and above all someone who always wanted to help others. The material things and the money don’t mean anything to me. Do I expect to make an above average income and be able to afford nice things eventually? Sure thing. However that’s not because it’s what I need in order to consider myself successful. It’s because of the time I dedicate to my craft, the strict attention I pay to detail, and my desire to keep improving while at the same time giving my business and clients 100%. I want much more than those things when it comes down to it. I want to be remembered as a real gym owner, personal trainer, strength coach, and “gym guy” who didn’t care about what others thought of him. Someone who always put others before himself. I work hard every day and strive to represent something greater than myself. I strive to be more than a paper chaser and more than someone who just wants to get by. I wake up every morning with the vision in mind to not only get to work so I can put food on the table but so I can build my legacy one brick at a time. Everyday I show up I get closer to my perception of a life well lived. I want the Merchants of future generations to be inspired and motivated when they look back on what I did and what I accomplished. That is my definition of success, that will be my legacy.

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