How powerful music is –

Music can be and do so many things it’s almost impossible for me to believe that there are some people out there who don’t enjoy it. There are so many different genres out there like pop, rock, punk rock, R&B, acoustic, jazz, Classical, blues, and rap just to name a few. How someone can go through life without listening to any of those genres or any artists within those genres is crazy to me. Rap is levels above all other genres for me personally and my go to genre for everyday. Music is one of my favorite things in the world because there is so much of it out there and it’s almost impossible to say you’ve ran out of songs or albums to listen to. Music is so powerful and its influence on people is so amazing to see. It can motivate people to do great things and help them get through difficult times in their lives, like I know it did for me. Music is a worldwide phenomenon and without it I’m 100% certain life itself would be a much, much, much different. It can change someones mood throughout the course of a day, bring people with common music interests together (concerts and live shows), and it can change someones life with just one listen. The common debate as to which genre is the best is one I stay out of because I believe just like ice cream, everyone has their own flavor and as long as they enjoy it all the power to them!

Growing up listening to music -

Growing up it was always me and music. Looking back on it I don’t think there has been a day that’s gone by where I didn’t listen to music or some sort of favorite Rap song or album. My brother and sister used to tease me because whenever I woke up and got ready for school in the morning I had head phones in. When I got home from school I had headphones in, when I got home for dinner I had headphones in, and before I went to bed I always listened to a mellow playlist that would help me unwind and fall asleep, therefore I had headphones in. Music was a huge part of my life growing up and some of my favorite artists have helped shape the person I am today. Certain albums and songs gave me more confidence and hearing the things that some artists went through like death, breaking up with a significant other, and losing friendships gave me reassurance knowing I wasn’t the only one experiencing those things. Especially in my teen years as I was growing and maturing music helped me get through certain situations I didn’t want to talk to others about. My desire to listen to new music grew bigger with every song that I heard and I took pride in the fact that I was constantly looking for it. Rap music above all was number one on my search list. Rap played a pivotal roll in my personal life growing up. Rap gave me confidence that I never thought I had and free styling in my friends basement wasn’t a rare occurence. We would make songs on our lap top and even though they sucked looking back on them, we still had a great time being creative and having fun with it. My friends and I would drive around town late at night and play our favorite rap songs way louder than we should have. I knew I wasn’t going to grow up to be a rapper because fitness was always my obvious passion but I always said that if I had nothing else to do in life I would of tried to rap more.

Constantly wanting to learn about Rap -

With an obvious interest in Rap a lot of my search for music was being focused on finding new rappers and their latest songs, mixtapes, and albums. To this day I still spend any free time that I have going on blog sites, reading articles, and probing search engines for the latest/ best sounding Rap music out there. I always had the desire to not only know about the music itself but also to learn about the artists. A lot of people will tell you that they have a favorite artist, and that’s great. However most of the time that person doesn’t know much about the artist’s personal life or intent behind their music. Not that there is anything wrong with that but they’re just there for the music. For me it was, and still is bigger than that. Not only do I know all of my favorite rappers songs, mixtapes, and albums but I know the years they were released and through interviews I watched of the rappers I know the motivation behind the music they created. I know various facts about where the artists grew up, upcoming project announcements, what they did before rap, who they dated, what their family life is like, etc., and many others. Especially when it comes to one of my favorite Rap artists to ever step foot into the Rap game, Drake.

Drake -

Drake is one of Raps most statistically successful Rap artists and he himself has become a Rap icon. I first discovered his music as a freshmen in high school and ever since I’ve never missed a beat, literally and figuratively. I’ve listened to his music since day one and have got to see him progress. Being one of the most personal rappers of his generation with an tremendous ability to write witty and meaningful lyrics he quickly became one of my favorite artists. I related to not only the stories he told but also to his immense work ethic, passion for his craft, and above all his desire to be the best that he could be at what he did. I always had that growing up, I didn’t know what I was going to be the best at but I knew someday through constant hard work I would be the best at something. Now that something has turned into fitness, I want to be the best gym owner, trainer, and all around health expert that I can be. His music has been a constant soundtrack played throughout my life. I’m looking forward to playing his future albums again and again on repeat until I know every word just like I’ve done with all the others. Speaking of Drakes albums and mixtape’s, they take up more than a fifth of my Itunes library and his songs are constantly being added to my playlists. Most importantly added to my gym playlists.

Relation between fitness and music -

After all fitness and music are very closely tied together. The point of discussing music in the first place was to show how intensely it has helped me do things in the gym like fight plateaus, get motivated, and in all seriousness wake up. How has it helped fight plateaus? Well I’m sure you’ve had those days when you don’t feel like working out, you stare blankly at yourself in the mirror and think to yourself “it’s not happening today.” I’ve had those days too, but I can confidently say that without music and the playlists that I strategically put together I would have had too many of those days. Days would of turned into weeks and without my Rap playlist labeled “Energy” after one of my favorite Drake songs, my plateau would of continued. However when I throw on that playlist and get in my zone I feel as if there’s nothing that can stop me, and I’ve had many great work outs because of that. Also certain song lyrics can get in your head and encourage you to get in the gym no matter how shitty you feel mentally or physically. I know personally whenever I hear some of the lyrics in “Light Up” by Drake or “Till I collapse” by Eminem I can’t help but to feel an undeniable sense of motivation. There have been early morning work out’s where I literally felt like I was still sleeping, I’m talking 4 and 5 A.M. work outs before the suns up. Those were the mornings where music helped me the most and when I threw my songs on the speakers or in my headphones I woke my ass up real quick. Overall I feel as if music and fitness go hand in hand because for one I know I personally wouldn’t be nearly as fit as I am now or in the past without it, and I can’t think of any gym that I’ve been to that didn’t have music playing. Music is a remarkable thing and I’m forever excited to wait for the next Rap album or song to drop so I can walk in my gym, connect to the blue tooth, throw the track on, and get HYPED.

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