One of the most important aspects to making any kind of change in life or accomplishing any sort of goals is vision. If you can’t envision it, how can you bring it to life? Some of the most successful individuals in the world preach that vision is one of the utmost important tools to creating what you want. If you don’t have any idea where you’re going and you try to get there without a map or GPS how well do you expect that trip to go? Do you expect to arrive on time and not have any difficulty getting there? If you do, you’re wrong. There’s a reason successful people imagine things in their head and years later those things actually happen. That’s because once something is envisioned it is theoretically real. It becomes that map or GPS and leads you along the right path to your destination. Once you see what you want in your mind, it becomes that much easier to go out and create in real life. One great example of an individual who used his vision to turn his life around and create immense success is one of my favorite motivational speakers Eric Thomas. Long story short he was a troubled kid who grew up in Detroit and ran away from home. He lived in abandoned buildings and ate out of trash can’s for more than a years time, before finding a place to stay. Flash forward a few decades and the man is ranked as one of the best motivational speakers in the world, top 5 to be exact. He’s made millions of dollars doing presentations and helping people do extraordinary things they never thought were possible. He’s well known for his book “The Secret To Success” and his popular YouTube series “Thank God It’s Monday”. Despite all the money he’s made and people he has helped, he stands by the fact that if all those years ago he didn’t visualize himself as being successful and speaking in front of crowds of people he wouldn’t be where he’s at today. If you can’t see what you want then you are figuratively blind and reaching any kind of success becomes severely difficult. I knew from day one what I wanted and I constantly imagine what my life will look like weeks, months, and years in advance. As I continue to work and chase after that vision I find that more and more often those things I had seen in my head a while back now have become real. Those things didn’t happen by accident. They were envisioned goals, events, and incidents. Not only that but they were ambitious ones as well. That’s another thing. Nothing is impossible. If you can see it with a sense of clarity and direction in your head, and it fits within the physical boundaries of real life you can make it happen. Stop dreaming small and letting the vision other people have for your life affect your own. Dream big and without anyone else telling you what to see, envision your ideal life in every aspect. Clarify what kind of success you want to have, create an image that mirrors that success, and then do everything in your power to make that vision of yours turn into something much more than just that, turn that vision into your reality.

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