Don’t Let the Devil Win

Today people have different beliefs and suspicions regarding the thoughts on is there a God or is there not or is there a heaven or is there a hell? Outside of the world we live in, there is a spiritual world that surrounds us. The spiritual world can be defined as good or bad. Whether its a good or bad spiritual presence that surrounds you depends totally on your choice of living. I firmly believe that if you promote positive thoughts and give good vibes that the spiritual side of heaven will over shadow you. For instance, going to church or simply giving a hand to someone who needs help is an act of kindness that will bless you with abundances of graces. Who gives these graces and allows good things to happen, I personally think it is God himself. I also think He allows us to experience the opposite of light to show us that if we divert from the path of exellence we can fall into darkness living a life of unhappiness and hardship. Not putting God first and trusting in him allows the devil to play tricks with our minds thus we fall into sin. In the short story “From The Wonders of the Invisible World” it mentions we are the children of God in the Devil territory. We come from God who wishes only good upon us, but it is the devil himself that allows our minds to wonder so we become loss in his territory of confusion and supersticion. Reading this short story it appears that the devil himself planned to eliminate God out of the picture thus allowing him to take control and make witches out of the people. The start of this is by rooting out the christian religion so they dont have a foundation to build upon. By having no Godly foundation to build on, people became so susceptible to accepting the devilish ways and falling into his traps of sin and confusion. We need to stay focused and live in the light and let it direct the steps we take so we can make our way to heaven.

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