Disruptive thoughts — Why Apple Watch apps are dumb, today.

Almost all of the apps on my iPhone have had an update to add “awesome new” Apple Watch functionality to their parent apps.

The vast majority of these I see as completely irrelevant and built with no historical understanding of how people use smart watches (not that there is much data to gather from with the category just over a year old).

Companies are building Apple Watch Apps with a sense of urgency , but most don’t have Android Wear or Pebble Apps in market, this baffles me.

A few of the more ridiculous examples are — Squarespace add their Metrics info to your Watch? — I mean really!! It’s hard enough to get an good overall sense on the mobile app and you want to reduce the real estate and serve it on a 312 x 390 screen! Even Instagram… the native mobile darling seems ridiculous on an Apple watch. Why shrink images down further? and are you ever going to type a comment on a photo on your wrist!

There are some amazing opportunities for smart watch apps, but shrinking down mobile apps in most cases is not one of them… build something new and take advantage of the form factor.

Companies need to seriously think “Am I adding utility to a persons daily life? Is it essential? If you can’t answer yes to either of these questions … stay the hell off my wrist.

Originally published at joemillward.com.

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