Before you get started with any idea > A business, a blog post, an app, an event, anything — consider these tips and how you can abuse them.

We often allocate success to skill and failure to luck. - TWEET THIS

Yes, yes, not “everything” but it’s important.

This became very apparent recently when Facebook went down . I tweeted something quite ordinary, a remark i’ve tweeted before. But it blew up simply because it was the right time. (And right place for that matter)

Simply being faster than other people will give you a huge advantage. Typing faster, implementing faster, building faster, writing faster. Think about how you can be faster at something that would make your life easier.

What are you trying to accomplish? Make sure you write that down. It’s easy to not reward yourself when you reach your goals & just keep plowing on to a larger goal. Stop and be mindful.

How do you plan to reach the right people?
Targeted Facebook ads?
Twitter ads?
Solo ads?
Google Search?
Print advertising?
The list goes on….

Each have their merits, but think about what’s the right channel to reach your audience.

Call it what you want, but you need a niche, a theme or something that makes you stand out.

Think about strange combinations.

This photo is from two guys who set up a cereal only cafe in London. People either hate it or love it, either way …it gets tons of press ( Because it’s different).

It’s easier to find a market that already exists & create for it than it is to create a product & find a market.- TWEET THIS

So many business schools don’t teach marketing this way. But they really should.

Find your audience first on Facebook ads manager or Facebook audience insights. Be specific, then create something for them.

Do you have grit? Implement a schedule so you can stay consistant. Keep your work consistent, even if it’s 1 hour a day. It will be easier after the first 30 days.

Block your Facebook if needed.

We all have ideas, it’s implementing those ideas that’s key.- TWEET THIS

90% of people are winging it, they might not feel like they are. But they are. Simply knowing this gives you an advantage.

There are several types of business advantage you can have. If you don’t have any of these, you might want to avoid this venture.

A Data Advantage — You have a data source that helps you. Example : emails of people who have bought something similar in the past.

A Connection Advantage
You know someone that can help you. They have the knowledge, data or ability to help you.

You can either do stuff, or you know people who can do stuff.-TWEET

A Skill Advantage
You can do shit. You know you can do shit. Go do it.

A Knowledge Advantage
You have insider information or knowledge about the existing market. Example: Niche similar Facebook pages you can target.

Time Advantage
You have a lot of time, you’re a student or you work an easy going 9 to 5.


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