7 Easy to Use Copywriting Tips

“Every problem can be solved with a sales letter” — Gary Halbert

I'm pretty sure Gary never said that. Maybe something along those lines, either way it still rings true.

You may think “well it can’t solve diseases”, but in theory it could persuade someone to give funding to cancer research etc etc... Basically it boils down to persuasion.

Anyhoww…. here’s 7 tips to help you write better copy.

1. Tell a story

Story telling engages your brain. That’s why Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones is so addictive right? They’re good stories.

People love it, and if you know how to tell a story when you write, a blog post, an email, a review or even an advertisement of some sort, people will want to read it.

A. You can use a real story.
B. OR you can make one up.

2. Write for the Right Person

Do you write for “someone,” “anyone,” and “everyone.”

That’s a BIG mistake.


Because you can’t write for everyone and be specific.

You need a clear target as you write.

3. Use a Conversational Tone

Are you speaking at someone or to someone?

Ask yourself the question: “Is my article written in a conversational tone or is it just a long crappy speech?”

If you use any of these points, write in a conversational tone. Yeah?

4. Use Analogies aka Metaphors

Use simple metaphors that are easy to understand, that way you don’t lose the reader.

Your purpose is to create an image in the mind of your reader, not to confuse them.

Make it interesting. Make it fun.

5. Keep it Short & Snappy


6. Use Familiar Words

“Clever things make people feel stupid, and unexpected things make them feel scared.” - Philip J Fry.

Most people anyway. Use short easy words, cut the crap.

7. Speak Directly to your Reader

Use the pronoun “you” when you write. Don’t use we.

Cheers for reading.


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